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Write Computerized Repair Estimates On Heavy Trucks for under $34.00* a Month!
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Runs on Windows Computers Only!

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Designed For Truck Repair Body Shops that want to write top-notch computerized estimates for their customers and insurance adjusters!
Stop Paying Too Much For Software! Why pay big dollars for estimating software - when ABF's Heavy Truck Estimator 35 software will do the same job for just a fraction of the price?
You Get Labor & Paint Times on just about every part of the vehicle. Add additional labor when you need to. We provide listings of part data organized from the front of the vehicle to the rear. Very little typing is needed. Just select the the part you need and the program does the rest!
Keep Your Customer Estimating Data Safe on Your Computer - Not on some internet server!
The Heavy Truck Estimator 35 is a smart alternative to those expensive truck estimating programs. Why spend $700 to $1,000 a year on software fees when you can write top-notch professional estimates for just a fraction of the price? 

The Heavy Truck Estimator is used by hundreds of truck body repair shops in the United States and Canada and has earned a reputation for reducing estimating time and increasing truck body shop business. This software runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and most 10 computers!



Smile Say good-bye to time-consuming hand written estimates! Produce computer estimates in half the time it takes you to write them by hand!


Smile Say good-bye to expensive yearly software payments!


Smile The Heavy Truck Estimator is easy-to-use! You'll become a computer estimating expert in just a few short hours!


Smile Create a Detailed Supplement with just the click of a button for hidden and additional damage not included in your origional estimate!


Smile Impress your customers and insurance adjusters with professionally prepared computerized estimates!


Smile You Get Photo Imaging!


Smile Email Your Estimates and Images Directly From the Program Through Outlook Express or Windows Mail!


Smile You save time with our automatic calculation of clear coat and three stage paint!


Smile You can add additional notes to the estimate and to each individual line item!


Smile Available for Shops in the United States and Canada


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